Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Health Foods and Vegetarian Foods
The following gives you some idea of vegetarian diet or say found in health food shops:

Breakfast cereals:
Barley, Biscuit cereals, Bran, Maize, Millet, Muesli, Oats and Oatflakes

Wholemeal flours, meals and grains
Flours: wholemeal wheat atta, rice flour,
Meal : Millet, Oatmeal, Rye meal, 
Grains: Barley, Buckwheat, Millet, Rye, Whole unground wheat, Rice
Bemax, Froment

Oils & Fats & Creams
Corn oil, Mustard oil, Olive oil, Sesame oil, Groundnut oil, Sunflower seed oil, Bran oil, Soya oil, Gingely oil, Rapseed oil, Vegetable oil
Fats: Granose
Creams: Creamed coconut, Granose Soya cream
Nut Butters: Almond, cashew nut, hazelnut, peanut, tahini

Yeast and Yeast extracts:
Yeast : easy bake yeast/ allinson active baking yeast
Extracts: Barmene, Marmite, Natex, Vecon

Savoury extracts
Soy sauce, tamari

Savoury spreads and Pates

Salad dressings: 
cider, binegar, Honegar

Glutamate Powders

Savoury nut mixes
Sasmix Realeat

Tinned nut meats
Nuttolene, Sausalatas

Milk products
Granose, plamil soya milk

Hebamare, sea salt

Soya beans and products
Soya beans, soya flour, 

Gelatin substitute
Gelozone, agar agar.

Many of the things above are not known to me !, I just wrote it down in my book thinking it may be useful sometime, or for somebody !  all the above and past post has been extracted by books which i read quite sometime back one was by patty fisher & the other from a vegetarian cook book but enjoyed reading them and thought i will share with everybody.