Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I have been thinking of writing some things which I have collected from some books about vegetarian eating and  cooking and about lot of other things, which I felt was interesting for me might be interesting for you to read too......
As we all know that vegetarians are people who do not eat meat in any form kill animals even fish! you may be wondering why I have mentioned fish ? well, when I came to UK for the first time, say that this was the first I have travelled abroad and made friends with British people, and told them I was a vegetarian they were going to offer me fish ! I did not understand the concept so, then I asked them why do you offer me fish to eat when I say I am a vegetarian they told that here vegetarians ate fish!, then I started telling people whom I met and was talking about food that I am vegetarian where I do not eat animals which have been killed even if it is a fish !.
coming back to vegetarian foods, Today I was going through Madhuram's blog and I was surprised to see that my thoughts were in print their, somebody else also has written about it and of course madhu  no need to say she will get everything possible to give us good information and precise too..., check out her blog on Links concerning this topic hope you all know her blog address. It is 
vegetarians eat at least eat natural produce of living creatures like milk. But strict vegetarians who are also called as vegans refuse to eat any animal products at all, not even dairy products instead they use plant milks made from soya beans & nuts.
Vegetarians food consists mainly of dairy products, fruits, nuts, vegetables, cereals, legumes & lentils these are the main source of their food.
Everybody eat food for vitality, building a strong body & mind, energy and also for the love of it!
A well-balanced vegetarian diet provides all the nutrients you need for good health.  It is only important to know what, how balanced we eat, & regularly.  we need recommended daily amount or intake of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, Iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, fibre, phosphorous, potassium & selenium etc.,
Here are some things vegetarians need to watch out:
It is always very important to check out the labels before buying anything, the list here might be quite useful:
These include emulsifiers, colourings and flavourings, and may or may not be vegetarian.  Two of the most common are E441 (gelatin), a gelling agent derived from animal parts and bones, and E120 (cochineal), made from crushed insects. E542 animal sources, E631-E920 either veg or non-veg
Albumen may be derived from battery-farmed eggs
Animal fats are sometimes found in biscuits, cakes, pastry, stock, chips, margarine, ready-meals, ice-cream, edible fats can mean animal fats.
Aspic is a savoury jelly derived from meat or fish
Many cheeses are produced using animal rennet, an enzyme taken from the stomach of a calf. Vegetarian cheese is made using microbial or fungal enzymes.  Non-vegetarian cheese is often used in pesto, sauces and ready-meals. 
  • EGGS
Eggs are animal products.  Some foods, such as mayonnaise or pasta, may contain battery-farmed eggs.  If possible, try to buy organic, free-range eggs.
Gravy is made from meat juices, although vegetarian gravy mixes do exist
Jelly usually contains animal-derived gelatin, but it is possible to buy vegetarian alternatives set with agar agar or Gar gum, avoid AKA E441
Soft drinks, particularly canned orange drinks, may contain gelatin, which is used as a carrier for added beta carotene.
  • SOUP
Soup may contain animal stock or fat
  • SUET
Suet is animal fat, but vegetarian versions do exist. 
E120 or cochineal- red from crushed insects, E124 Ponce au 4R is acceptable E162 is Beetroot juice